Welcome back Elizabeth Wong!

Media Statement (April 15, 2009)

In support of MB’s decision: Eli please come back!

After months of uncertainty, I, and I believe many other Malaysians, can today breathe a sigh of relief as Selangor Menteri Besar YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim decides that YB Elizabeth Wong should resume official duties in the state EXCO.

This decision to reject her offer to resign after incidents that grossly invaded her private life is one that is only apt and proper for it has always been clear that Eli is a victim. I believe Elizabeth’s performance and track record speak volumes about her commitments to the people. This is reflected in the massive support shown by the constituents in Bukit Lanjan whom she represents.

I would now like to extend my warmest wishes to Eli to welcome her back to work.  It has been a testing and trying period for her, I hope she has grown stronger in her belief in building a fair, just, and democratic society.

The immense and collective support shown for Eli from various quarters in society should encourage her to remain brave in the struggle for a better Malaysia.  This distressing episode serves to show how there is a chance for sensible Malaysians to make their voices count.  I thank all of you, too, for standing with Eli at a time when sections of our news press found it easier to pick on her.

There is a possibility, in the coming days, that Eli will have to face continual attack and demonisation from unscrupulous parties. I call upon all Malaysians to be unwavering in their support fro Eli.

So, to Eli, whom I consider a dear sister, please remember your constituents and fellow Malaysians who have walked this long road with you.   The path to a better Malaysia would have been a lonelier one without you!  Welcome back!


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