Kem Kesenian & Kepimpinan Remaja Rawang 2009

This Sunday 3rd May, 2009, a one-day camp will be held for teenage students in Rawang.  Special thanks to two former students of SMK Seri Garing who are now doing well in their lives for taking the initiative in giving back to society.

Funded by my office, with the help of Mr Liew Wai Hon and Mr Lai Wai Mun, both also former sportsmen, this camp will let young students in Rawang have a good time engaging each other.

In this camp, three esteemed speakers will train participants in areas of art, music and also photography.

chinseng phuacc waihon

Above from left: Tan Chin Seng: professional artist, former LimKokWing art lecturer ( MIA, Msia),  Phua Chin Ching: Full time music teacher/lecturer (UK trained) and Waihon Liew:  Freelance photographer (based in USA).

All young people of Rawang are welcome to participate in this exciting and fun program.  Details of program are as follows:

Date: 3rd May, 2009 (Sunday)

Time: 12pm-5pm

Venue: Pusat Tuisyen Segaria, Rawang

Fees: Free of Charge

Contact Person: Lai Wai Mun (012-2976101)


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