Busy but Meaningful Sunday

Yesterday, the 20 Mac ( Sunday) i was busy with full day  programs , but it was meaningful.

In the morning, I have meeting with with residents of Tmn Pinggiran Pelangi (Fasa 3) on CF and infrastructure issues,then met up with residents at Tmn Garing Utama that affected by thunderstorms.  This was a walk-about with councilor Sdra Tengku Zulpuri, Dun Rawang.

Meeting with the villagers

Then I proceed my program at Taman Sri Rawang. I have an interaction with the committee members of Surau Al- Kausar, I also contributed RM 3,000 to the committee to up-grade the infrastructure. Besides my small contribution, i will helped them applying more fund from Jabatan Agama Islam Selang0r (JAIS).

In the evening, I given a briefing to villagers of Kg Sg Bakau regarding their survey and process of land title application, as the land officers will go down to Kg Sg Bakau. It will take about a month for the survey and land title application processing. Ketua Komuniti India kg,Sdra Sivarajah,Ketua JKKK Daerah Gombak Sdra Chee,Naib Ketua Cbng,Sdra Kalai,Ketua Ranting KEADILAN Kg.Sg Bakau,Sdra Naidu were present together in the briefing.

Finally my last meeting at night was meeting with owners affected by highway project. I like to interact and mix around with the local community.Often,we can brainstorm and exchanged ideas for the planning and improvement of system & sense of belonging to the community:)


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