People Before Profit

In solidarity with the pledge from the residents of  Taman Halimahton, Jalan Klang Lama, I really hope TNB please have a meeting and consultation with the local people before any decision being made.

The villagers in Kg Sg Terentang have been struggling for no high tension tower in the village for more than 6 years.  We proposed a new alternative road to TNB but they always given us many excuses.

The Selangor State government will invite 2 consultants from Australia by the end of April this year to overlook this project.

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TNB urged to run cables underground

By Halim Said

Teresa Kok Suh sim (fourth from left) with residents of Taman Halimahton. — Picture by Syarafiq Abd Samad

Teresa Kok Suh sim (fourth from left) with residents of Taman Halimahton. — Picture by Syarafiq Abd Samad

KUALA LUMPUR: Why not run the high-tension cables underground? This is the question residents and business operators in Taman Halimahton, Jalan Klang Lama, want answered over the issue of the Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) high-tension cable pylons that are running alongside their homes. The pylons were erected by TNB three years ago.

Residents are irked by TNB’s announcement that this stretch of pylons will remain above ground while the extension grids across the road to Taman Bukit Desa will go underground.

Streets reported in 2009 that Taman Bukit Desa residents had requested that the high-tension cable pylons, which run just 100m from their houses, to go below ground as they feared the high voltage current running there would pose a health risk.
Among the health hazards they claimed, based on a result from an international study, was that exposure to electromagnetic fields radiation could bring about serious illnesses such as leukaemia and cancer.

Taman Halimahton resident association secretary Ng Poh Keat (picture), 51, said residents and business operators had been informed by TNB that the existing pylons near a nursery next to the residential area will remain above ground.

“If Taman Bukit Desa residents can argue that there are potential health hazards from EMF radiation, then we can, too,” he said.
Ng said an appeal letter was sent to TNB last month for it to reconsider aligning the high-tension cables underground.

Meanwhile, the residents’ plea received the attention of Seputeh Member of Parliament Teresa Kok.

“TNB must review this seriously and not apply double-standards in meeting the residents demands. I hope TNB will have a dialogue with the affected residents soon,” she said.
The high-tension cables are part of the Klang Valley power grid upgrade by TNB which involves converting the existing 33kV power line to a 275kV power line to supply electricity to the southern part of the Klang Valley.


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