Campaigning at Sarawak

I have been campaigning in Sarawak Election from 5 April to 9 April at N16 Bengoh and N17 Tarat which about one hour drive from Kuching.

Both candidates from PKR , they are Willie Mongin ( N16 ) and Peter Ato ( N17 ). There are many local issue raised up during our door to door visit.

We hope Sarawak will made a history:

” Vote for Pakatan Rakyat ! CHANGE  in Sarawak ! ”

Pasukan KEADILAN campaign in Siburan with Cabang Selayang.jpg

Meeting with N17 Tarat KEADILAN candidate, Peter Ato Mayao, a civil engineer. YB Gan Pei Nei & Pasukan Keadilan comrade.jpg

Walkabout in Pekan Tapah, welcome by local voters. All4Change.jpg

Visit an old bridge at Kg Cina, the villagers made many complaints but seemed being ignored

Walkabout with N16 Candidate Willie Mongin

Willie Mongin make coffee in Siburan


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