PKR’s Srikandi targets 10,000 for Bersih


PKR’s female youth wing will mobilise 10,000 of its members for the Bersih rally scheduled on July 9.

PKR Wanita chief Zuraida Kamaruddin said the priority will be members in the Selangor and Federal Territory areas, but hopes to call each division nationwide to send more than 50 members each.

Despite threats made by the police to curb the rally, the party will try to mobilise its members to come out in force in the rally pushing for free and fair elections, said the Ampang member of parliament.

“We are working together with PAS Muslimat and also DAP Wanita to mobilise women nationwide to support this cause.

“We hope the participation of women would account for 50 percent of the Bersih participants.

“Besides to (call for) clean electoral rolls, females nationwide are also burdened with the hike in household prices, which is causing a burden to consumers.

“We will use this as an avenue to seek for our rights,” she told a press conference at PKR headquarters in Petaling Jaya.

Zuraida said that it has been a long time that the dignity of women and their role had been sidelined, citing the crimes against women, and the lack of economic opportunities.

“Women in Malaysia should prove to BN that we could be a force and are able to pressure the authorities to change,” she said.

Srikandi members, who come under the PKR Wanita wing, are prepared to face the consequences of their participation in the rally on July 9.

‘All changes have to start somewhere’

Wearing a sash with the words Demi Rakyat (for the people), Zuraida claimed that all the changes have to start somewhere, namely with having a clean election campaign.

“With this we can ensure that the administration or government would be just, and fight for the rights of the people. It is time for the female voice to be heard and that the women’s role in democracy should also be recognised,” she said.

She also condemned the high hand action taken by the police on individuals and PKR supporters who are seen wearing the Bersih T-shirt.

“Since when is wearing a yellow T-shirt considered an offence? In the past you cannot wear orange or black, now it’s yellow,” she said.

“I would like to question the professionalism of the police on why action is only taken on Bersih supporters. However, no action was taken by the authorities on activities organised by Umno Youth and Perkasa,” said Zuraida.


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