Generation 709 goes yellow at KLCC

Tarani Palani | July 16, 2011 Free Malaysia Today

solidarity to Allayarham Baharuddin

PETALING JAYA: A group calling itself “Generation 709” gathered at the KLCC park in order to show solidarity for Bersih 2.0′s cause and to demand justice for the late Baharuddin Ahmad.

Dressed in yellow, the group numbering some 50 people held placards and yellow flowers.

Joined the first Generation 709 activity last Saturday at KLCC

“We are here to show concern over the political situation in Malaysia. We are also calling for the release of the (Parti Socialis Malaysia) EO 6 who did not do any harm to the country,” said spokesperson Lee Khai Loon.

“Today’s gathering is also to show solidarity to Baharuddin and any victims (of police brutality) during the July 9 rally,” he added.

Using Twitter and Facebook, he said the group, named after the date of the rally, would organise more activities to bring together people, both here and abroad, concerned with the democratisation of Malaysia.

Lee, who is also PKR Youth communication chief, said the gathering was not aimed at provoking any quarters. Also present was Baharuddin’s nephew, Azhar Kassim.

After being instructed to disperse by KLCC’s security personnel, the group marched some 200m to Avenue K where Baharuddin was said to have suffered breathing difficulties when fleeing from the tear gas and chanted “Justice! Keadilan for Baharuddin”.

“After seven days, the government has yet to apologise to the family or Malaysians. We call upon and urge the government to carry out an open investigation without protecting any party,” said Lee.

The crowd also observed a minute of silence during which Azhar recited prayers. They then placed the placards and yellow flowers against a pillar.

Bersih 2.0 steering committee member Wong Chin Huat, who was also present, handed a copy of the Malaysian Constitution wrapped in a yellow ribbon and a Malaysian flag to Azhar.

After several chants of “Hidup Rakyat”, “Hidup Bersih” and “Bebas EO6″, the crowd dispersed.

The gathering coincided with Bersih 2.0′s call for wearing yellow on Saturdays.

FMT understands that several groups are organising similar activities such as a “Yellow Pot-luck” eat-out at Shah Alam later this evening.

There will also be a meeting at the Lotus restaurant where people can share their experience at last week’s rally.


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