Generation 709: Our believes and purposes

Generation 709 our collective memory, Lee Khai Loon (middle) the Convener

Bersih Rally on 9 July 2011 will not be forgetful to all Malaysian.
Do join us for GENERATION 709

709 is the collective memory of people of all races united in making history in Malaysia. Generation 709 is a platform of youth concerned with politics, civil rights and good governance. We have converged after the historic walk of Jul 9, for a common goal: building our democracy.

We believe that everyone should continue to move forward, with our commitment to Malaysia and involvement in reforming Malaysia, so that democracy can take root in Malaysia.

We are an independent, principled, critical platform. We do not belong to any political organisation, do not have any financial resources, but have only a heart for the idealism. We believe that democracy does not fall from the sky, that it takes a journey of many steps to materialise. As the generation of social change, we have the responsibility and duty to be at the forefront.

We believe in the power from the united youth of all races, which will empower even more youth to participate in social works and defend their rights. It will bring a new perspective to the rakyat, to struggle together for a democratic Malaysia.

The platform of Generation 709 has three main objectives:

(1) Solidarity and support for all political detainees from Bersih 2.0 Rally and victims of police brutality, including calling for immediate release of six social leaders detained under Emergency Ordinance;
(2) Encourage more young people to join the democratic reform, civil liberties and good governance through holding peaceful assembly, press conference, forum and innovative activities;
(3) Reach out to more young people with information through active use of social media.

Building our democracy is a long term endeavour, so we must continue to address all sorts of political issues and raise the public’s awareness.

Generation 709 will forever remember the sacrifice of Sdr Baharudin Ahmad. He is the fighter of democracy is everyone’s heart.

Kindly to join our group at http://www.facebook/GenerasiBersih709 or follow our twitter @generation709

Convener of Generation 709
Lee Khai Loon


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