Service centres: Helping the public

Selangor Times Issue 41
29 Sept 2011
Writer: Brenda Ch’ng

My team at Pusat Khidmat DUN Rawang

Rawang assemblyperson Gan Pei Nei tends to many complaints on infrastructure, land and neighbour- hood security issues.

“The complaints we receive vary from time to time. Sometimes there will me many infrastructure issues, and other times mainly welfare cases,” said Gan.

Recently, Gan has been tending to many welfare cases where poor families come into the service centre asking for monetary assistance due to inflation.

Apart from running an orderly service centre with four staff, Gan wants to improve services to the public.

The first-term assemblyperson also encourages the public to pro- vide feedback about the quality of services at her centre and other government agencies.

With the collected data, Gan and her staff will feed the information to the respective government agencies and let them know how they can improve their services.

Service Centre Operation details

Services offered

• Handling public complaints, ranging from local council issues like potholes and blocked drains to state matters like land affairs.

• Giving welfare aid, advice and monetary help to the less fortunate, disabled, ill and old.

• Helping with problems between government agencies and ratepayers.

• Assisting with registration for state programmes.

State programmes

Selangor Children Heritage Fund / Tabung Warisah Anak Selangor (Tawas): Tawas, launched in August 2008, is a trust fund set up by the government for all Selangor babies born after the year 2008. This trust fund worth RM1,500 can be claimed by the child when he/she turns 18.

Golden Age Friendly Scheme / Skim Mesra Usia Emas (SMUE): This scheme is a grant for families of the elderly, where the state gives them RM2,500 to help with funeral expenses.

Requirements for application:

• Selangor citizens aged 60 and above, or

• Seniors living in the state for at least 15 years.

To apply, bring applicant’s Mykad, documented proof which shows one has been living here for 15 years or more (if not born in Selangor), photocopy of caretakers’ Mykad and photocopy of beneficiaries’ Mykad.

Grant for University Students / Hadiah Anak Masuk Universiti: This grant of RM1,000 is given to all Selangor students who have been accepted to further their studies in a university.

Requirements for application:

• Only open to families earning less then RM1,500 a month;

• Applicant must be born in Selangor;

• Applicant has been offered a place in the university;

• The courses offered are full-time and must only be either a diploma or degree course;

• Applicant must be registered in the course

Urban Microcredit programmes for the poor / Program Mikrokredit Miskin Bandar (Mimbar):
Launched in March this year with an allocation of RM20 million. It was initiated to help low-income residents increase their income by managing their own small businesses. Mimbar gives successful applicants a small loan of up to RM5,000 (without interest), to start their own businesses like food stalls, flower shops etc. The loan can then be paid back when their business takes off, after a year.

Requirements for application:

• Must be Selangor resident aged between 21 and 60, who has been living here for more then 10 years;

• Owns assets less then RM50,000;

• Must also attend training courses by Mimbar on how to start businesses.

Mammogram: All women aged 35 and above can benefit from the mammogram programme initiated by the state. This programme is aimed at creating awareness on the dangers of breast cancer,especially for women aged 40 and above. The state targets to give free breast cancer screening to one million women.


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