Traffic lights for residents’ red alert

New Strait Time 2011/10/13
By L. Suganya

RAWANG: Residents of Bukit Rawang Jaya can now breathe a sigh of relief with the announcement that traffic lights and road curbs at the T-junction that leads to their housing estate will be built.

Residents say that the main road that leads to the junction is a very busy road, making it difficult for motorists and vehicles from the industrial area opposite to go in and out.

Residents’ association secretary Subramaniam Ramasamy said that this in turn makes the junction dangerous for motorists.

“At least one accident a week occurs here, sometimes even more,” he said.

Rawang state assemblyman Gan Pei Nei said that the traffic lights is only a temporary measure as more street lights and other upgrading works are also needed.

For this, she said federal government intervention will be necessary.

“The main road is under the jurisdiction of the federal government. We have put in a request for the upgrading work as the road has not been maintained for 15 years.

“At the same time, traffic flow has increased,” she added.

The RM400,000 project began yesterday. Parts of the road will be barricaded for six weeks, which is the estimated time for the completion of the project.

Read more at Selangor Times : Traffic lights for deadly intersection


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