Flood mitigation to start on Sg Rajah

Selangor Times
Writer: Brenda Ch’ng Published: Fri, 25 Nov 2011

Gan explaining plans for the river.

RAWANG: U-shaped concrete walls will be fitted along a kilometre stretch of Sungai Rajah here to improve drainage and prevent flash floods in Kampung Rajah.

“This river upgrading project is funded by the state and expected to cost close to RM3 million,” said Rawang assemblyperson Gan Pei Nei.

She said this is only first phase for the project, which starts from Kampung Lim Tan’s badminton court and ends at the Rawang train station quarters.

In phase two, a further 200 metres of u-shaped concrete drain will be installed from Kampung Lim Tan’s badminton court to Rawang town at a cost of RM2 million.

“It will cost more than the first phase because the construction works are more complicated along that short stretch,” said Gan.

A consultant has been hired to study the development plans and upgrades for phase two, and construction will begin after the study has been done.

Gan explained the project to residents on Tuesday during a dialogue session with the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS), Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID), municipal councillors and the contractor.

Phase one will begin this month and is scheduled to end in January 2013. The drain walls will vary in size and length, depending on the river depth and width.

“We will start work immediately. Contractors hired will be monitored tightly to ensure the project is completed on time,” said DID Gombak district engineer Mohd Faud.

They will also be working with the Gombak District Land Office to ensure the project does not encroach on private property.

A number of homes in the village are located only a few metres away from the river, and there are fears some homes may be affected by the project.

However, Mohd Faud could not discount the possibility that some houses that are built on the river reserve may have to be demolished.

“We will try our best to avoid tearing down any properties and build the drain walls away from the houses,” said Mohd Faud.
Contractors will also clean up the river and build a rubbish catchment area to prevent flooding.


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