TNB skeptical over relocating transmission line near highway

(Malaysiakini 16-12-2011)

The alternative transmission line route proposed by the New Zealand consultants to Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) following the protest from Kampung Sungai Terentang villagers on the original route is unlikely to work, said TNB vice president Rozimi Remeli.

He said the alternative route which cuts through the Federal Highway from Rawang will


face inadequate space along the highway.

“From my understanding, the consultants have not actually seen the situation in the federal highway. We are inviting them to do so,”

“Most importantly, (if we options for the alternative route), whenever we want to do maintenance, we have to close down the highway,” he said at a media briefing session at the TNB headquarters today.

He however stressed that no decision has been made and he will continue to discuss the matter with the consultants.

TNB is mulling a complete upgrade of the central region reinforcement (CAR) project, a 60km-long transmission line and tower project which was introduced after the major blackout in 2005.

TNB has constructed a 59km-long transmission line, while the work on the remaining 1km has yet to commence as the villagers had strongly opposed the route passing by their village since 2005.

TNB staff tried to enter the village but were confronted by villagers early this month, and the local council later issued a stop-work order on the construction.

Last Friday, Selangor government in a meeting with TNB has required the company to study four alternative routes proposed by the government’s New Zealand consultants.

TNB doubles up the compensation

Rozimi maintained that the original route passing Kampung Sungai Terentang village is the best option; while the remaining alternatives, only the one that goes through the Federal Highway is applicable.

He said the consultants also disagreed with the alternative route which enters the Rawang Perdana Industrial Park and uses TNB reserve land, an alternative proposed by the village committee members last year.

“Even the consultants say there is no way we can put up the tower without demolishing the factories,” he said.

Meanwhile, he noted that TNB has increased the compensations to villagers to RM10.4 million from RM5 million.

On December 2, he also asked the villagers to sacrifice to prevent a potential major blackout.


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