New vernacular school in Rawang

Gan Pei Nei and William Leong at SJKC Kota Emarald early morning during school opening ((photo by Selangor Times)

RAWANG: Overcrowding at vernacular schools here has eased, thanks to the opening of  SJK (C) Kota Emerald this week.

Around 330 pupils reported to school on Tuesday.

Children attending the new school.

Costing RM6.5 million, the third Chinese primary school in Rawang is sits on a six-acre piece of land.

“Now parents can opt to send their children here instead of SJK (C) Kundang and SJK (C) San Yuk in Rawang town,” said Rawang assemblyperson Gan Pei Nei.

She said SJK (C) Kota Emerald would cater to residents in Emerald West, Bandar Country Homes and Taman Desa Mas.

The school has 10 classes ranging from Standard One to Standard Five, 16 teachers and four administrative staff.

Selayang Member of Parliament William Leong and Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong also attended the opening of the school.

Meanwhile, Wee refuted  media reports that there is a shortage of teachers in vernacular schools.

He said  861 qualified teachers will join the public service on Jan 9 while the Education Ministry has another 1,200 temporary teachers on standby.


 Selangor Times / also can read in Chinese at Selangor Times


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