Good response to Clean Zone Community Carnival

Star Metro Monday October 8, 2012

IN a bid to promote cleanliness, elected representatives went around the Pusat Bandar Country Homes commercial area to remove stickers, posters and banners recently.

Selayang MP William Leong, Rawang assemblyman Gan Pei Nei and Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) president Datuk Zainal Abidin A’ala walked along the five-foot walkway in Pusat Bandar Country Homes in Rawang tearing down illegal advertising material like stickers, posters and banners.

This was part of the Clean Zone Community Carnival that received good response with more than 1,000 residents attending and joining the celebrations.

Leong, Gan and Zainal gave away five dustbins each to the traders while residents were given trees to promote greenery in the area.

MPS councillor Gunarajah R. George said that from now, traders whom were given the bins had the responsibilty of keeping the area clean and not throwing rubbish on the five-foot walkways, behind their shops or in front of their premises.

“Previously, traders here used to complaint about not having suitable or big enough rubbish bins.

“Such complaints are no longer valid. MPS enforcement officers will make their rounds daily to monitor and issue summonses to traders if they do not keep their place clean.

“One fine day, we hope that Bandar Country Homes will be a clean, green and thriving township,’’ he said.

The event started with the singing the National Anthem Negaraku followed by the aerobic session and drum circle event.

The event continued with a group of cyclists cycling around the township.

Tzu Chi Foundation had a recycling campaign while Gombak District Police had crime prevention exhibition and Gombak District Health Department had a Denggi exhibition.

There were also a clothes recycling competition, colouring contest for children and lucky draw for the crowd.

More than 200 children took part in the colouring contest.


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