Anti High Tension Cable

Since 2007, the residents of Rawang New Village ( Kg Sg Terentang)  received a notice of eviction from TNB. They were told that TNB is using its power under Section 13 of the Electricity Supply Act 1990 to seize their land for the construction of the power line.

TNB decided to adopt a no-negotiation attitude on the transmission route. It insisted that the power line has to cut through the residential area. Many houses are forced to be evacuated to give way to the building of pylons and cable.

During that time, the residents initially put their hope on their MCA state assemblyman Tang See Hang to voice out their opposition to the project. However to their disappointment, YB Tang shown little concern. Thus, the Action Committee sought the help of Tian Chua from KeADILan and Ronnie Liu fromDAP.

As an assistance of Tian Chua, this is how i am very active involve in the struggle of Anti High Tension Cable with the villagers. During that time, KeADILan provides two lawyers to assist with the case, one of them is William Leong, the current MP of Selayang.

As ADUN of RAWANG, i am still struggling with the villagers of Kg Sg Terentang to against the high tension cable power line entering into their home.

The previous news or current updates of Rawang Anti High Tension Cable  can be seen at this website Anti High Tension Cable


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  2. Posted by Rawang resident on January 30, 2013 at 12:02 pm

    Dear YB,

    Why is the road upgrade from Country Homes to NSK taking so many YEARS..? Progress is extremely slow, the contractor is dragging its feet by doing minimal work.



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