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The operations of the work I do in Rawang are organised from my two Service Centers.  These offices are a busy hive of activities, which range from facing complaints about local issues to organising the various communities in this lively suburban town.

Interactive map to Taman Bersatu Service Center:

Interactive map to Bandar Country Homes Service Center:

You are welcome to pay us a visit during normal working hours, when I usually meet people with specific appointments or need urgent attention.  I also meet constituents during my weekly service hours at both offices respectively.  Because of the sheer amount of work my staff need to handle, I hope you can bear with us if or when we are unable to promise you instant solutions.

We nonetheless strive to take each case seriously.  Generally, cases we take can be classified into two categories namely (1) cases that involve public interest and (2) individual requests and private disputes.

For example, the issue of rock blasting activities and its impact on nearby residents would qualify as something that involves interest of the public and would perhaps need policy or enforcement intervention to solve.  Such cases usually take precedence over others like requests for reductions in tax.

I hope that you will also understand that my staff and I do not hold enforcement/decision making powers.  The standard operating procedure we adhere to always is to forward – with my support after evaluation – such cases to the relevant government agencies/departments.  This is, of course, a process that will encounter road blocks and detours on the road to a working solution.

I am, therefore, thankful to the wonderful group of people who work long hours following up on the many cases we receive, responding to the deluge of paper work and phone calls, and standing fast to the agenda of reform and justice.

Taman Bersatu Service Center staff:

Alex Gan-  Main Coordinator (Allocations ,Land matters and Programs)
Givitha a/p P.Onthrojami – Coordinator (Merakyatkan Ekonomi Selangor)
Alex Gan – Coordinator (Land Office and Local Council)
Haji Mohamed Sani bin Yusof – Volunteer (Ketua Biro Adat Melayu dan Agama Islam)
Nor Azman bin Hj Mohd Yunus – Volunteer (Tuisyen Rakyat coordinator)
Alagendran – Volunteer (Welfare and Local Issues)

Bandar Country Homes Service Center staff:

Kumaran a/l Adakalam – Coordinator (Bandar Country Homes)
Shaharudin bin Abd Halim – Coordinator (Bandar Country Homes)


33A, Jalan Bersatu 10, Taman Bersatu, 48000 Rawang, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel        :03-6093 7033

Faks     :03-6091 7033

Email    :

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